How to Stop Kidney Dialysis Naturally, Diets, Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment - Dr. Puneet Dhawan

Karma Ayurveda is the Ayurveda pharmaceutical clinic that has successfully treated patients suffering from CKD 4 and CKD 5 without the use of the allopathic procedure of Dialysis and transplant. Chronic kidney disease is the state where the kidney of the patient is incapable of filtering the waste products and balances the water level in the body.  With the use of ayurvedic medicine like Punarnava, Gokshur, and Guduchi are used in the treatment of chronic kidney disease.   With herbal medications and balanced diet, patients can see the improvements in the medical reports.

Know How to Stop Kidney Dialysis Naturally, Chronic Kidney Disease-Karma Ayurveda

"Few tips by karma Ayurveda for the treatment of chronic kidney disease that can help in avoiding Dialysis are as follows:"

Keep the sugar and blood pressure under control. It helps in reducing the risk of kidney-related problems.

Deep breathing techniques like Pranayama is very beneficial for the treatment of kidney related problems. It keeps the sugar level in control. It also helps in regulating the level of urea and creatinine

  • Regular exercise is very important in the treatment of kidney related problems.
  • Diet filled with protein content is very beneficial for treating kidney
  • Fresh fruits and vegetable are very good for kidney.
  • Calcium content in the meal must be lower down.
  • A meal rich in carbohydrates must be lower down.

All these balanced diet tips are very beneficial for the treating from chronic kidney disease with the protocol of dialysis and transplant.