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Kidney works as the filter factory for your body and helps to eliminate the waste through urine. It works to save the internal organs of the body from some dangerous toxins and elements. By eliminating the negative components from your body, the kidney helps to manage the healthy environment inside. Your kidney consists of several components. It carries millions of nephrons which are known as the functional unit of a kidney. Every single nephron has renal corpuscle and renal tubules. By understanding the structure it will be easy to understand the nephron function in kidney.

Renal corpuscle- Nephron’s head

The renal corpuscle is the head part of a nephron. It is the part where urine is formed. It has glomerulus which is placed in the center of Bowman’s capsule. The Bowman’s capsule shaped like a funnel which has a roll like a glomerulus at the center. At Renal corpuscle, the blood gets filtered in glomerulus tube inside the Bowman’s capsule. The fluid which gets filtered by the glomerulus goes to the renal tubules. The first step of urine formation takes place in glomerular capillaries. “nephron function in kidney”

Renal tubules

After receiving the filtered fluid from glomerulus, it gets to enter in the tubulus. Tubulus is the space where the formation of urine is continuous. This part of the nephron plays other major functions like secretion, excretion, and re-absorption. Renal tubules reabsorb the needed components in different proportions. It also excretes the dangerous waste filtered by other parts which later travels to the urethra.

Nephron function in kidney

A kidney works as the main excretory organ in your body. This excretion process gets support from the filtration done by millions of nephrons. It is the unit which regulates the amount of necessary and unnecessary components in blood. Some other major functions performed by the nephron are:

  • It helps the body to get rid of the unwanted components. This function of the nephron is much necessary for a person’s life. “Polycystic Kidney Disease Treatment”
  • Nephrons also control the blood volume, pressure of blood. As blood pressure gives way to a number of complications, it is important to regulate it.
  • It regulates the level of metabolites and electrolytes.
  • Nephron also helps in the maintenance of blood pH.
  • This is the system which helps to maintain the level of salts, glucose, urea, water and other minerals in one’s body.

All the basic functions performed in nephron are by excretion of hormones like aldosterone, parathyroid, and an antidiuretic hormone. “nephron function in kidney”

Kidney disease and its treatment

Your kidney health is linked with your life-expectancy directly. Your kidney can get damage due to many reasons. Some sudden or persisted situations like diabetes, high blood pressure level, injury or heart attack becomes the major cause for kidney damage or failure. There are two types of kidney disease i.e. acute kidney disease and chronic kidney disease. Acute kidney diseases take place due to some sudden situations, whereas the chronic kidney diseases get a way by the continuous bad health conditions. All the kidney related diseases are connected with some symptoms which are needed to get evaluated on time for the right treatment. “nephron function in kidney” “Karma Ayurveda Reviews and Feedback”

Now if you are thinking that after detecting the major symptoms what will be the right treatment, then we have the answer here. If you go for the allopathic treatment for kidney diseases, then it will surely take you to the situation of getting a dialysis treatment or kidney transplant as the prescribed medicines and treatment will not heal the damaged area. Hence go for the natural way of getting cured. Karma Ayurveda becomes the right place to get treated for many. Dr. Puneet Dhawan has the right diet and medications advice for the patients, which help to remove the main cause of the disease. “nephron function in kidney”.