Glomerular Filtration Rate Stage 4, Ayurvedic Treatment – Dr. Puneet Dhawan.

GFR or Glomerular Filtration Rate is a general determination of how well your kidneys are functioning. A GFR of less than 30 is a problem that will need the attention of a nephrologists’, or kidney specialist. A GFR that is under 15 is a serious problem, indicating dialysis or a kidney transplant will be necessary.

Causes of GFR

There are many reasons that can cause kidney disease to expand to the stage 4. There are certain reasons that can lead to kidney failure such as diabetes, a problem of high blood pressure, prolonged intake of certain medications, cancer or tumor, polycystic kidney disease, nephrotic syndrome. Glomerular Filtration Rate Stage 4, Ayurvedic Treatment.

Signs and symptoms of GRF stage 4

  • Fatigue: A person is likely to develop complications such as anemia. Anemia causes a constant feeling of fatigue
  • Edema: The body is not capable of processing the fluids properly. A high amount of fluid stays retains in the body leading to swelling in the lower legs, primarily around the ankles, around the wrists and as pockets under the eyes
  • An accumulation of fluid in the lungs causes shortness of breath
  • Changes in urine pattern can be seen. There are clear signs of increase or decrease in urine output. Urine becomes dark in color, tea-colored, and dark orange or brown. It becomes foamy and frothy. “Glomerular Filtration Rate Stage 4”.
  • Pain in the lower back and joints is common among middle and old age patients
  • Loss of Appetite and Nausea: Persons with CKD develop a metallic taste in the mouth. This causes loss of appetite. They also complain of nausea and vomiting though not persistent
  • The kidneys are not able to process urea so it gets collected in the blood. Such a condition is called uremia and mainly buildup of urea may cause a bad breath
  • Weakened nerves with age and kidney infections speed up nerve damage. There is a decrease in sensation of feet and hands as some experience a slight itchy sensation. The condition is also characterized by hampered concentration and alertness

Glomerular Filtration Rate Stage 4, Ayurvedic Treatment.


It is important to have a well-planned meal while treatment as food directly affects the health of the kidneys. Low protein and sodium in the diet can help in controlling the further damage to the kidneys. Patients should include fresh fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. Aerated drinks, alcohol and caffeine should not be included in their diet. “Glomerular Filtration Rate Stage 4”.

Ayurvedic treatment

The best solution to opt for any kidney failure patient is Ayurveda. Ayurvedic treatment is a natural form of treatment and uses unrefined herbs that can completely cure the kidney disease. Karma Ayurveda is one of the best wholesome wellness clinics for Ayurveda in Asia. The center has a team of health experts and provides authentic kidney patients. It was established in 1937 and has been successfully treating kidney and liver patients for a long time. Glomerular Filtration Rate Stage 4, Ayurvedic Treatment.