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Role of kidneys

Kidneys reduce the blood pressure and high blood pressure. Keeping the blood pressure levels near normal may help slow kidney damage from IgA nephropathy icd 10. One must also make healthy changes in the diet such as limiting your salt intake, losing excess weight, being physically active, using alcohol in moderation and limiting the processed food are the prime ways to keep the blood pressure under control. IgA nephropathy Icd 10, Ayurvedic Treatment.

The kidneys can get easily affected due to certain prolonged illness and this may lead to toxicity in the body. If a proper treatment is not taken on time, the kidneys can fail completely.

IgA nephropathy

IgA nephropathy is also known as Berger's disease. It is a kidney disease that occurs when an antibody called immunoglobulin A (IgA) enters the kidneys. This may result in the local inflammation which in time can hamper the kidneys' ability to filter wastes from the blood.

IgA nephropathy usually progresses slowly over many years, but the course of the disease in each person is uncertain. Patients may experience blood in the urine (hematuria) without developing any problems. IgA nephropathy Icd 10 , Ayurvedic Treatment.

Causes of IgA nephropathy

  • It can genetic disorder as IgA nephropathy is more common among the families and in certain ethnic groups
  • It may also occur due to liver diseases including cirrhosis which is a condition in which scar tissue replaces normal tissue within the liver. This may cause chronic hepatitis B and C infections
  • Celiac disease is one of the digestive condition triggered by eating gluten which is a protein found in most grains
  • Dermatitis herpetiformis is an itchy, blistering skin disease that stems from gluten intolerance
  • Infections such as HIV infection, bacterial infections and other types of infection can cause this condition

IgA nephropathy Icd 10 , Ayurvedic Treatment”.

Signs and symptoms

IgA nephropathy usually doesn't cause symptoms in the early stages. The disease can go unnoticed for decades and is sometimes first suspected when routine tests reveal protein and red blood cells in your urine that can't be seen without a microscope (microscopic hematuria). There are certain common signs that are visible in patients, such as:

  • Dark-colored and foamy urine
  • Blood in the urine which is common in upper respiratory or another type of infection
  • Pain in the sides of the back, flank, and joints
  • Swelling (edema) in the hands, ankles, and feet
  • High blood pressure or hypertension

IgA nephropathy Icd 10 , Ayurvedic Treatment.

Diagnosis and allopathic treatment

IgA nephropathy is detected if patients experience blood in the urine or when a lab test shows protein or blood in the urine. These signs can be indicative of certain types of kidney problems. To identify your problem, these tests may be performed such as urine and blood test, kidney biopsy, CT scan, MRI and Iothalamate clearance test.

Common treatment that patients take in later stages is dialysis and kidney transplant. Also, people take a prolonged intake of medicines for controlling diabetes and high blood pressure. However such treatment doesn’t cure kidney problems and can only extend the life of the diseased kidneys. “IgA nephropathy Icd 10 , Ayurvedic Treatment”.

How can Ayurveda help in the IgA nephropathy?

Ayurveda is an age-old philosophy of treating body, mind, and soul with the help of unrefined herbs. Ayurvedic medicines are effective in reducing the effects of IgA nephropathy icd 10 and reversing the kidney damage.

Karma Ayurveda located in Asia is one of the leading brands of herbal medications for kidney problems. They have been providing the best Ayurvedic treatment to all the patients from different parts of the world. The medicines they provide are 100% natural and have no side-effects on the body. A customized diet chart is also provided by to the patients along with medicines. “IgA nephropathy Icd 10 , Ayurvedic Treatment”.