Will Olive Leaf Extract Help Kidney Function, Karma Ayurveda – Dr. Puneet Dhawan.

Kidney disease

End-stage renal or kidney failure, by its very name, signifies a medical point of no return wherein an affected individual can be maintained on dialysis for a few months to possibly a few years; however, the inference is that the kidneys have been damaged to such an extent that there is no possible treatment to reverse or even reduce the damage. The alternative option of a kidney transplant is available only to a select few. Will Olive Leaf Extract Help Kidney Function”.

Causes and symptoms

There are several medical conditions which can cause this condition, including persistent high blood pressure, untreated or uncontrolled diabetes, renal artery stenosis, advanced and chronic polycystic kidneys, and medical conditions like an advanced autoimmune disease, adverse drug reactions, drug abuse, severe infections, and large, impacted kidney stones. “Will Olive Leaf Extract Help Kidney Function”.

The signs and symptoms of the disease develop in the later stages. Some of the most common signs are weakness, lethargy, nausea, fatigue, swelling in body parts, dry and itchy skin, muscle cramps and twitches, joint pain, abnormal weight loss or weight gain, loss of appetite. Will Olive Leaf Extract Help Kidney Function”.

Allopathic treatment

The two most common treatment for kidney disease is dialysis and kidney transplant. Dialysis is done when kidneys are not able to perform regular functions until the kidney is transplanted. However such treatment doesn’t treat kidney disease but only expand the life of the kidneys. “Will Olive Leaf Extract Help Kidney Function”.

How can olive leaf extract help in the Ayurvedic treatment of kidneys?

High blood pressure is the primary cause and also a common complication of kidney disease. It is shown that oleuropein lowers down blood pressure by increasing coronary flow. Kidney patients take olive leaf extract to manage their blood pressure level. Will Olive Leaf Extract Help Kidney Function”.

Olive leaf extract is good for kidney patients but it is not able to improve renal function. Ayurvedic medicines and treatments first purify your blood by drawing out toxins and wastes from your body via urine, bowel movement and sweat glands. This can give you a clean blood environment. Then injured kidney tissues can be restored through dilating blood vessels, improving blood circulation, preventing inflammation and coagulation, degrading extracellular matrix and providing nutrients. The renal function is improved by herbal treatment such as usage of olive leaf extracts. Diet and healthy herbs is a supporting therapy for improving kidney function. “Will Olive Leaf Extract Help Kidney Function”.

Karma Ayurveda

The Ayurvedic treatment provided by Karma Ayurveda is the best in Asia. It is wholly working on Ayurveda practices and techniques. It was started in 1937 and since then have been treating kidney disease patients. It is currently working under Dr. Puneet Dhawan who is an experienced Ayurveda physician. He gives expert advice to all his patients along with herbal medications and diet chart. Karma Ayurveda has a happy family of thousands of kidney patients. “Will Olive Leaf Extract Help Kidney Function”.