A science that teaches us the art of living has been termed as Ayurveda – a blessing given to us from our ancestors for a better and healthy living style. Ayurveda is known to treat illness from its roots and we all know that this sort of treatment process takes time. It uses herbs and other natural products in their best form to treat ailments. If we talk about kidney diseases, ayurvedic medicine for kidney treatment and the lifestyle it suggests have such a good impact on us that it can prevent us from going for dialysis or kidney transplant. Ayurveda emphasizes more on changing our disordered lifestyle and adopting the use of natural products and more herbs in our day to day life. Ayurvedic Herbs that support Kidney Detox Rectifying your lifestyle is the major motto of ayurvedic treatment. Certain herbs and traditional ayurvedic remedies are there that can support kidney detoxification and cleansing of the urinary channels (mutravahasrotas). You may incorporate these into your daily diet and routine to accelerate your body’s self-cleansing process of the kidneys –
  1. Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi or Gotu Kola) – Best known for its soothing effects on the mind and nervous system. According to Ayurveda, Brahmi can be used to deal with urinary problems like cystitis and dysuria by removing pitta from the mutravahasrotas. This also supports a natural kidney Detox. Brahmi may even help to restrain the development of diabetic nephropathy, which is a chronic kidney disease that bothers diabetics. Also, Brahmi is found to exercise a clear nephroprotective (kidney-protecting) effect.
  2. Shilajit – One of the most prominent of all rasayanas, although not an herb, but an organic substance derived from rocks in the Himalayas. A renowned medicine known for its rejuvenative and diuretic effects that help with kidney detoxification and functioning of urinary tract. Also used as an ayurvedic kidney stone remedy, can crumble crystallized deposits. Shilajit, in accordance to the ayurveda, clears the mutravahasrotas, provides relief from painful urination, glycosuria, cystitis and other problems. For the best results, shilajit should be consumed in a combination with gokshura and guggulu.
  3. Boerhavia diffusa (Punarnava) – This herb is recommended for liver, urinary and kidney conditions. Excess use can cause harm. It is useful for dealing with urinary and kidney disorders, and also for problems like water retention.
  4. Rubia cordifolia (Manjishtha) – The herb can be used to treat any pitta imbalance, especially those affecting the kidneys and inflammatory conditions. It can also help in to dissolve kidney stones. An effective herb useful in kidney cleansing routines. And it becomes most effective for kidney and bladder stones when taken with gokshura and shilajit.
And many other such ayurvedic medicine for kidney treatment exist which can do a lot more than just to cure us.  Kidney problems and ayurvedic medicines Kidney problems are hard to treat permanently with allopathic treatment because, when we are able to observe and label them as problems/disease/disorder, almost 70-80 percent kidneys have already got damaged. In Ayurveda, early detection of kidney problems is possible and early detection can save people with affected kidneys to go for heavy treatments with lots of side effects like dialysis or transplant. Ayurvedic medicine for kidney can prevent all these, and if you are looking for any sort of ayurvedic treatment for kidney disorders, come meet us at Karma Ayurveda. We are serving ayurvedic solutions since 1937 for all kind of kidney problems because we believe Ayurveda is the key for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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