Having kidney failure means your kidneys are not functional enough to perform filtration work. There could be so many reasons why your kidneys are not operational and unhealthy. Accordingly, doctors would suggest dialysis until your kidneys become functional again. However, dialysis and transplant have been proved to be life-threatening to some patients and that is why Ayurveda never suggests patients depend solely on dialysis as a means to cure kidney failure. With the help of an Ayurvedic kidney failure treatment in  Maharastra, you can restore the health of your kidney and still reduce the dependency on dialysis. But before proceeding to how ayurvedic treatment can help you, let us tell you some other things that you should know about kidney failure.

Symptoms of kidney failure

For every kidney patient, the symptoms of kidney failure vary accordingly. It is also important to note that kidney failure is the last stage of chronic kidney diseases and you may not notice the subtle signs in the very starting stage as the loss is mild. While possible symptoms include:
  • The amount of urine reducing as you move to the chronic stages
  • Difficulty taking breath
  • Poor confusion
  • Sudden Pain in the chest
  • Fatigued body
  • Swelling in legs, feet, and hands
  • Puffy eyes because of fluid retention
  • Unwavering nausea
To reduce the symptoms from the body, patients can also take

Types of kidney failure

The five types of kidney failure that can help you determine the right treatment for you are:
  1. Acute prerenal kidney failure
Reduce blood flow to the kidneys causes acute prerenal kidney failure. When kidneys don’t get enough blood flow, they cannot filter out toxins from the blood.
  1. Acute intrinsic kidney failure
Direct trauma to the kidneys also affects their functionality such as severe bleeding, sudden shock, glomerulonephritis, and conditions that cause an obstruction in the renal blood vessel, etc.
  1. Chronic prerenal kidney failure
Insufficient blood flow for a prolonged time also causes chronic prerenal kidney failure.
  1. Chronic intrinsic kidney failure
Long-term damage to the direct trauma to the kidneys can cause chronic intrinsic kidney failure.
  1. Chronic post-renal kidney failure
An obstruction in the urine elimination process and urinary tract can pressurize the kidney and eventually cause kidney damage.

Ayurvedic kidney failure treatment in Maharastra by Karma Ayurveda

An ayurvedic treatment by Karma Ayurveda has saved thousands of patients suffering from the pain of kidney failure.  More than 35000 patients have been saved to date with herbal medicines by Doctor Puneet Dhawan.  The benefits of ayurvedic treatment include:
  • Herbs like Varundai tablets, Chandraprabha Vati, Gorakhmundi extracts are some of the empathetic herbs that help facilitate urine flow
  • Herbal medicines prevent fluid from building up in the tissues and the bloodstream
  • They also maintain the health of kidney besides taking care of the glomeruli
  • In addition to kidney failure, they help prevent causes of kidney failure from getting severe
  • Relieve irritation from the body
  • Put-off stress from the mind
If you want to restore the health of your kidney with the help of Ayurvedic kidney failure treatment in Maharastra then visit Karma Ayurveda!

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