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Ayurvedic kidney disease doctor

Ayurvedic kidney disease doctor

What is kidney disease?

Kidney disease refers to alterations in the kidney function because of being damaged. It is far most one of the common causes of death among the people. Kidney disease remains life-threatening if not given the right treatment approach. 

Kidney disease occurs when subsiding conditions result in an obstructed blood filtration process. As a result of this, unsafe levels of waste and fluid start to accumulate in the bloodstream. Many comorbidities can be seen as an outraged response to kidney disease. To an extent, one may lose life as a result of impaired kidney function.

When kidney function deteriorates, you are required to take assistance from a kidney doctor. Called a nephrologist, a kidney doctor can help you with diagnosis and the treatment-related. Most allopathic doctors recommend dialysis in the case when kidney function reaches a nominal level, but ayurvedic kidney disease doctors operate altogether differently. He observes the kidney abnormality based on a different aspect. Ayurveda believes that any kidney disease occurs when the tissues and dhatus by which the kidneys constitute get damaged. Medadhatus and Raktadhatus are such examples, and diabetes is one major cause of kidney disease.

Further, to sum up, the kidneys’ channels, if they don’t work correctly, result in an obstructed urine elimination process. You can imagine what happens when we are not able to excrete urine out properly. The body’s balancing mechanism gets disturbed. 

Since the kidneys are responsible for making up so many functions, all those get failed. Have an eye on some of the functions being done by our kidneys.

  • They help maintain waste and fluid balance. The excess fluid is excreted out in the form of urine.
  • Get the healthy body hormones for regulating blood pressure level, making up RBCs, etc
  • Help meet the body’s need for vitamin D
  • Promote healthy bones

In the event of kidney disease, your heart functions a little less because it doesn’t get toxin-free blood for its working.

How can ayurvedic kidney disease doctors help you during this time?

Ayurvedic doctors or ayurvedic nephrologists are specialized in providing ayurvedic treatment for kidney disease. Ayurvedic treatment, as you know, is based out of ancient science and holds only natural elements. No invasive technique is being used in the ayurvedic methodology for treating kidney disease. That means you can rest assured and get the best treatment without any worry. 

The part of ayurvedic treatment is also about following a healthy diet and yoga. The ayurvedic kidney disease doctor would suggest a healthy renal diet plan and yoga techniques to strengthen the organ.

Things to keep in mind about the diet:

  • A limited amount of salt to be used
  • Potassium and phosphorus-rich fruits and vegetables to be avoided
  • A healthy intake of plant-based sources of protein and not poultry
  • Have fluid in moderation

If you follow everything and take every measure, the consequences of kidney disease can be alleviated to a large extent. Ayurvedic treatment makes sure you are never burdened with surgeries instead of heal organically.

For more information on the treatment, get to us at Karma Ayurveda!

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