Fabry kidney disease is a medical issue that runs in the family means it is a genetic disorder. There are different kind of signs and symptoms associated with the issue that is inclusive of pain in the feet, hand, and some rashes. During Fabry disease, the accumulation of a fatty substance takes place in the body that has the ability to narrow the blood vessels and cause some sort of damage to the kidneys, skin, nervous system, and heart. It can be commonly found in men and starts its action since childhood. As we know, Fabry disease is a genetic disorder and hence the cause is the mutation of the genes. There is a major phenomenon that is experienced by a person who suffers from Fabry disease. The human body requires an enzyme called alpha-galactosidase A to break the fatty substances in the simpler form so that it can be further used or passed. But when a person suffers from Fabry disease, the formation of this enzyme does not take place. It might be not with you since birth or if you have it, the body becomes unable to use and thus the harm is caused to the entire body. There are certain symptoms that a person with Fabry disease is likely to notice such as hearing loss, ringing sensation in the ears, pain or burning sensation in the hands, feet, red dark spots, abnormal sweating, pain in the stomach, and bowel movement the very next moment a person eats. There are chances for Fabry disease to result in a few serious health problems such as heart attacks, kidney failure, heart failure, high blood pressure, and many more. Therefore, it is important to treat the disease as soon as possible. For the treatment of Fabry disease, Ayurvedic treatment for Fabry disease can be a great help. fabry-kidney-disease

Fabry Kidney Disease Treatment in Ayurveda

When it comes to the Fabry disease treatment in Ayurveda, it can be brought back to normal. The treatment of the disease can be executed with the help of herbal medicines for kidney and certain significant changes in the diet and the lifestyle of the person. As per the measures given below, Fabry disease can be easily treated.
  1. It is important to say no to the consumption of junk and processed food items.
  2. There should be a moderate consumption of food items and drinks that are highly packed with nutrients like potassium, sodium, and phosphorus.
  3. One should stay away from the habit of smoking and drinking as it can complicate the condition.
  4. The consumption of oily and spicy food should be restricted or completely eliminated.
  5. One should eat and drink fresh fruit and juices.
  6. Try eating at home or homemade food more frequently.
  7. Say no to dairy products.
  8. Do not eat all at once. Eat small portions of food but eat a good interval of time.
  9. Stay away from the use of drugs in an excessive manner.
  10. Keep the sugar level and blood pressure under control.
  11. Practice yoga.
  12. Do not eat seedy vegetables or raw vegetables.
  13. Use rock salt instead of table salt and oil such as olive oil, rice bran oil, and mustard oil.
These are some of the measures along with the ayurvedic medicine for kidney disease that can help in the betterment of a condition like Fabry disease.

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