Dialysis in the western treatment is the end-stage option for kidney disease patients before the patient gets a new kidney or transplanted or life-long going painful trial for patients who do not undergo a kidney transplant. In this writeup, we will know why Allopathic treatments like Dialysis have never been an answer. And, how Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment naturally wards off all the complexities involved in renal dysfunction. Once your kidney disease gets severe, and kidneys are not able to perform their function on their own, allopathic doctors suggest you ‘kidney Dialysis.’ These organs are accountable for cleaning your blood and removing chemical toxins from your body in the form of urine. They regulate the blood pressure in your body. During the process of metabolism, kidney creates hormones that are essential to keep our body healthy. [caption id="attachment_10292" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Kidney treatment dialysis  [/caption]

But, what if your kidney stops performing its functions?

Kidney dysfunction can lead you to a very grievous condition. Dialysis is the first and foremost suggestion given by allopathic doctors if your kidneys are in bad shape. It refers to a treatment where the kidney’s function is performed artificially. Mostly, Dialysis is proposed when your kidneys are more than 80% damaged, and your GFR is below 20. It is a procedure where artificial machinery called Dialyzer is used to remove out all the wastes and toxins from the blood and prevent them from getting stored in the body. It is one of the most common functions of kidneys, and in their failure, Dialysis serves this purpose at first by removing extra water, salt, and wastes from the body. Dialysis helps in maintaining the adequate amount of certain chemicals in your blood, like sodium, potassium, phosphorus, bicarbonate. But, if you are too dependent on Dialysis, then it can have some severe health effects on your health and your body. These effects may include -
  • Infections: Dialysis patients mostly face problems like stomach ache, fever, nausea, restlessness like problems because Dialysis makes their immune system weak, and their body is unable to fight with various such health disorders.
  • Skin related disorder: Skin rashes, skin-related infections, and itching are other most common effects of Dialysis on a kidney patient’s health. During this process of Dialysis, the entire blood is filtered using a machine known as Dialyzer. This artificial process of removing and filtering blood leads to vivid skin infections and other related disorders.
  • Impact on your sexual life: as I told you before, Dialysis is a toxic and painful procedure; it not only exhausts you physically but mentally as well. Therefore, your interests are likely to be lost in various activities. Specifically, your interest or desire for sexual activities will see a huge downfall. In many cases, erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness like conditions are also observed in the patients.
  • Muscle cramps: Muscle cramps are frequently experienced by dialysis patients as their bones and muscles get weaker. Moreover, muscle cramps are caused because of the imbalance of the fluid and electrolytes in the body. Dialysis patients mostly deal with this sort of imbalance.
  • Low blood pressure: After the process of Dialysis, your blood pressure gets influenced, and it is likely to get slow. Kidney patients are mostly hypertension patients, and when blood is filtered and sent back to the body during the Dialysis, the circulation gets slower. Low blood pressure can cause faint like situation and several other problems.
  • Hernia: The procedure of Dialysis affects your abdominal organs as it imposes pressure on your abdominal organs and may induce the problems of hernia. 30%-40% of the peritoneal dialysis patient faces this problem.
  • Loss of appetite: During Dialysis, you may continuously feel sufficed and may not feel the need to eat more. Therefore, this loss in your appetite may feel lead to further deterioration of your health.
  • Mental health problems: Anxiety, depression, and other few mental disorders are common during this procedure. These problems can be mild or can be severe. Memory loss issues, seizures, and other mental health issues are observed in few patients too.
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These were the various side effects of Dialysis on your health.

Moreover, it is just harmful to your physical and mental health, but your economic health also.  It is an expensive procedure that needs to be repeated, almost thrice a weak and maybe multiple times a day depending on your condition and type of Dialysis. If you think “dialysis can cure kidney disease,” it is not valid. Dialysis is just a temporary solution or an alternative for your dysfunctional kidneys.

What is the alternative to Dialysis?

Mostly, patients when getting tired of practicing this hectic and painful procedure, regularly, they think of only one option “transplantation.” Ayurveda kidney disease treatment naturally resolves all problems. It is a reliable remedial science, especially when it comes to kidney-related disorders. Ayurveda has answers to all your questions. It’s organic herbs heal you and have no side effects, unlike allopathic medicines. Ayurveda kidney disease treatment naturally guides and encourages you towards a healthy lifestyle. Yoga and a healthy diet sustain you are well being. If you or your loved ones are dealing with any kidney-related disorder, go for Ayurvedic treatment by Karma Ayurveda that has cured about more than 45000+ patients with herbal medicines and by motivating the patients for a healthy lifestyle.

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