16 Mar 2018 Kidney failure can be seen in other ways with the help of the given with the help of the other can give the other ways with the help of the main way of. Follow directions when taking over-the-counter medications as taking high doses of drugs and aspirin can create high toxin levels in a short amount of time which can overload the kidneys. Avoid Fake Kidney Treatment Complaint, Karma Ayurveda Feedback, Review Whenever possible, one should limit the exposure to chemicals, such as household cleaners, tobacco, pesticides, and other toxic products. Many kidneys or urinary tract conditions lead to kidney failure when they’re not managed properly. Follow the doctor’s advice, always take prescribed medicine as directed, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Ayurvedic treatment from Karma Ayurveda has helped many patients from dialysis and may fall prey to kidney failure. Dr. Puneet Dhawan has been giving the Ayurvedic solution to patients suffering from terminal kidney failure. The center has treated thousands of kidney patients since 1937. They provide complete organic and natural Ayurvedic treatment to all the patients in their center.

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Gyan Singh from Delhi a patient in his middle age has been suffering from kidney problems for a long time. He already had kidney transplant earlier and only after 8 months of transplant, kidney problem again started arising in his body. He was also on allopathic medicines after his transplant. “Avoid Fake Kidney Treatment Complaint, Karma Ayurveda Feedback, Review”
  • Creatinine- 8.01
  • Urea- 201
  • Vomiting
After Ayurvedic treatment from Karma Ayurveda, the patient started feeling an improvement in his overall health.
  • Creatinine- 5.8
  • Urea- 93
  • Gain in appetite


The patient is happy and satisfied with the treatment of Karma Ayurveda. He was saved from another transplant by Dr. Puneet Dhawan as he followed the proper guidelines of medicines which recovered him from his conditions. “Avoid Fake Kidney Treatment Complaint, Karma Ayurveda Feedback, Review”

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