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Dr Puneet Dhawan Kidney Specialist, Prior to 2020, there was no coherent space for sanitizers and masks in our bags. But, this year has taught us that these are not small things. These are the most significant things that we should carry with us. On the one hand, the coronavirus has raised so many physical, psychological, and economic issues for everyone. Although, on the other hand, it has taught us the real value of humanity, life, happiness, family, healthcare providers, health, and much more.   Luckily, coronavirus pandemic has shown us the value of Ayurvedic lifestyle, remedies, methods, treatment, or medications. These days, people do not have fake drugs to boost their immune system, ward off coronavirus, and prevent kidney disease. But, people have adopted Ayurvedic ways to sustain a healthy life. Numerous people have dropped dialysis sessions and approached Ayurvedic kidney specialists, Dr. Puneet Dhawan, to cease their kidney ailments. 

 Yes, you are right; that is why Ayurveda and especially why Dr. Puneet Dhawan?  

[caption id="attachment_6652" align="aligncenter" width="600"]kidney tratment by puneet kidney tratment by puneet[/caption] For your convenience, we have shared some of the fascinating stories about kidney patients who took treatment from an Ayurvedic kidney care. These testimonials are potent enough to prove the real value of Ayurvedic treatment.  Given below are the testimonials of patients who took treatment from Dr. Puneet Dhawan, an Ayurvedic kidney specialist.  

  1. Mrs. Sahilini from Allahabad, Prayagraj- Her serum creatinine level was 7. 10mg/dL when she first visited Karma Ayurveda. She had tried various methods available in the market that she found coherent to cease her kidney disease. But, nothing works best for her. She had taken some sessions of dialysis that augment the number of problems for her. In the meantime, she decided to hold the hand of Ayurvedic treatment. At that time, she was not a fan of natural Ayurvedic medications. She approached Dr. Puneet Dhawan and tried her luck in Karma Ayurveda. Luckily, her perceptions of Ayurveda have changed. She not only got relieved from her kidney disease but also earned a chance to restart her healthy life. With the help of Ayurvedic medications and a customized diet plan prescribed by the Ayurvedic kidney specialist, Mrs. Shalini’s high serum creatinine is reduced. Apart from that, her dialysis sessions are stopped. 
  1. Mrs. Reshma Devi - A considerable amount of the population is unaware of kidney diseases and their causes. That is the reason due to which the number of kidney disease patients is increasing day-by-day. Mrs. Reshma Devi was unfamiliar with her kidney disease and its uremic symptoms. The time when she consulted Dr. Puneet Dhawan, an Ayurvedic kidney specialist, her condition was feeble. The level of her serum creatinine was 8mg/dL. Along with that, she was facing health issues like weakness, breathlessness, high blood pressure, and difficulty in passing urine. She has tasted the bitterness of dialysis; that was why she approached us. Finally, after the Ayurvedic medications, Mrs. Reshma terminated her kidney disease and stopped kidney dialysis. Her serum creatinine level came down to 1.4mg/dL.

Ayurvedic kidney specialists

There were lacs of feathers in the cap of Karma Ayurveda. This organization has been giving services since 1937. Now, Dr. Puneet Dhawan, with his brilliant team, is working diligently to spread awareness about kidney diseases and Ayurvedic treatment. He is an amiable young man who has cured 45000 kidney disease survivors without dialysis or any other surgical methods. There are lots of myths connected with Ayurvedic kidney specialists and medication. That is why the team of Karma Ayurveda is toiling for many years to prove the importance of Ayurveda.   If you have doubts related to dr puneet dhawan kidney specialist and treatment, then feel free to contact us. Furthermore, if you are battling kidney disease, so approach Dr. Puneet Dhawan.   We are the human who believes in the idiom - Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. 


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