Most people don't realize how important their kidneys are. They perform several functions like removing waste products and excess fluid from the body. But they also help in the formation of red blood cells, keep your bones healthy, and maintain a balance of salt and other nutrients in the body. Kidneys are incredible organs working constantly to keep us healthy.

There are many reasons that can lead to kidney damage such as physical injury, diabetes, high blood pressure, family history of the disease, kidney stones, etc. This condition results in the gradual loss of kidney function. The symptoms of this disease are not even visible till the advanced stages. Once the disease has progressed, one can feel nausea, poor appetite, swollen hands and disease, weight loss, muscle cramps, anemia, trouble sleeping, and change in color of urine.

What Medical Tests Detect Kidney Disease? ACR, GFR Test

If the above symptoms prevail for long, it is important to go for a proper diagnosis to confirm the severity of your condition. There are certain key points that one should keep in mind while going for kidney test:

  • The two main tests that one has to go for are ACR and GFR. GFR is Glomerular filtration rate is a measure of kidney function and is performed through a blood test. It also defines at what stage you are in a kidney disease. While, ACR is Albumin to Creatinine Ratio which is urine test to the level of protein in your body. A higher level of albumin means a sign of kidney damage.
  • One should go for a regular blood pressure check as high blood pressure can damage the kidneys.
  • Over the counter drugs or a long term, medicine course can harm your body when the kidneys are not working properly. You must visit a physician to make changes to your medication and only take medicines that are safer for your kidneys.

Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment - Karma Ayurveda Clinic.

You can opt for a safe and sound treatment with Ayurveda. You can go for one of the best treatment centers in Delhi, India namely Karma Ayurveda. It was established in 1937 and has been successfully treating kidney and liver patients. It is headed by an expert Ayurveda practitioner Dr. Puneet Dhawan. He doesn’t believe in dialysis and kidney transplant, he naturally tries to revive the kidneys with Ayurvedic herbs. Eating a proper diet is essential for those with kidney disease. Cutting down sodium and protein level in your body is recommended. Processed and packaged food should be completely avoided and replaced with freshly cooked vegetables and fruits. The combination of a healthy diet and Ayurvedic medicines can reduce the symptoms and reverse the kidney damage.


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