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When Ayurveda was on its knees and people had almost forgotten about Ayurveda; at the time Karma Ayurveda took the initiative to spread the awareness of Ayurveda in people. This was the year 1937 when Karma Ayurveda was formed. Taking the condition and struggle of kidney patients for obtaining kidney disease treatment, Karma Ayurveda started providing the cure of kidney diseases with the help of Ayurvedic treatment. Working relentlessly for kidney patients, Karma Ayurveda has gained expertise and fame as the best Ayurvedic kidney care institution.

Enriched with many decades of experience of curing kidney patients, this kidney care institution has carved a niche for itself and now it is counted among the reputed kidney care institutions in India as well as overseas. This Ayurvedic kidney care center has touched the landmark of curing 1,20,000 kidney patients successfully. Currently, this treatment center is led by Dr. Puneet Dhawan who is the fifth generation of this family running this institution. Dr. Puneet Dhawan is a qualified BAMS who has achieved many national as well as global awards for his valuable contribution in Ayurveda. Under his skilled guidance, Karma Ayurveda is committed to provide you the most efficient treatment method.

Ayurvedic Treatment Approach For Kidney Diseases


Ayurvedic medicines are highly effective in curing kidney diseases as they work on eliminating the complications and simultaneously work on fixing the root causes of a kidney disorder. Ayurveda uses some rare natural herbs that are very effective in relieving kidney complications. Along with relieving the complications, Ayurvedic medicines also rejuvenate the dead parts of the kidneys.


Yoga improves the basic functionality of the body such as improving blood flow, releasing insulin and processing of fats and other unnecessary substances in the body. As a result, by improving such kind of health aspects Yoga relieves or protects you from getting the complications of kidney diseases. It is one of the important parts of Ayurvedic kidney treatment.


As we all know what we eat put an immense impact on our health. Diet is a vital part of Ayurvedic kidney treatment and it goes hand in hand with Ayurvedic medicines. As per the condition of a kidney patient, we proffer you the customized diet plan. According to your improvement, we change your diet so that you can make the most of your Ayurvedic treatment.

Lifestyle Modifications

Your lifestyle is also responsible for your health. Some daily habits like insufficient sleep, workload or stressful lifestyle can lead to several health disorders including kidney disorders. Here at Karma Ayurveda, we endeavor to identify those routine habits to eliminate them from your lifestyle. Lifestyle modification is another vital part of the treatment process and helps in speeding up the Ayurvedic kidney treatment.

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