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Frequently Ask Question ?

What is the Sign and Symptoms of Kidney Failure ?

Chronic kidney disease is the stage where the kidney is not competent for filtering the squander product from the body and balance the water level in the body. There are many signs associated with the chronic kidney disease that includes both physical and internally.  The signs are as follows: 
  1. Fatigue: The feeling of tiredness and problem in concentration is very common in this disease.
  2. Sleep Disorder: There is an excess of toxic in the body that cause sleep disorder
  3. Dry Skin: It also causes dry and itchy skin that is due to the excess loss of mineral from the body.
  4. Blood in the urine: Patient often sees bleeding in the urine.
  5. Color of the Urine: The color of the urine changes to foamy red color
  6. Body Swelling: There is sodium retention from the body that causes swelling in the body.
  7. Eyes: Patient suffering from CKD is likely to have puffiness around the eyes.
  8. Appetite: Due to building up toxic in the body, it is often seen that patient feel a loss of appetite in the diet.
  9. Muscle cramping:  Due to calcium loss from the body, the patient feels the cramp in the muscle.
  10. Urine: It is also seen in the most of the cases, the patient start urinating more or less than usual. 
If anyone suffers from these symptoms is advisable to consult the ayurvedic treatment for chronic kidney disease for treatment.

How do you know that you are suffering from kidney problem ?

Kidney related problems are very common nowadays due to hypertension, diabetes, and dehydration. It is the state where the kidney of the body is inept to filter devastate from the body, balance the water level, and keep the mineral retain in the muscles. This incapability in the functionality of the kidney may cause malfunction that in turn causes coma/ death of the patient. Detecting the signs of the chronic kidney problem in the early stage is very intricate. But through GFR it can with no trouble be detected. But in order to know that you are suffering from chronic kidney disease, then these early signs are very imperative to observe.

  1. Kidney disease patients are likely to feel the twinge/ pain in lower back as well as in the genital area.
  2. The taste of the mouth change gradually.
  3. The patient sense bad breathe also.
  4. Fatigue and tiredness whole day is also common among chronic kidney patients.
  5. Vomiting and Nausea are also common among the CKD patients.
  6. Patient also has swelling in the body.
  7. If the patient is suffering from CKD, then the color of the urine changes to foamy dark red color even.
All these symptoms are very common and use for detecting the chronic kidney disease. It is advisable to consult the ayurvedic chronic kidney disease treatment for faster results.

How to stop Kidney Dialysis naturally ?

Karma Ayurveda is the Ayurveda pharmaceutical clinic that has successfully treated patients suffering from CKD 4 and CKD 5 without the use of the allopathic procedure of Dialysis and transplant. Chronic kidney disease is the state where the kidney of the patient is incapable of filtering the waste products and balances the water level in the body.  With the use of ayurvedic herbs like Punarnava, Gokshur, and Guduchi are used in the treatment of chronic kidney disease.   With herbal medications and balance diet, patients can see the improvements in the medical reports.

"Few tips by karma Ayurveda for the treatment of chronic kidney disease that can help in avoiding Dialysis are as follows:"

  • Keep the sugar and blood pressure under control. It helps in reducing the risk of kidney-related problems.
  • Deep breathing techniques like Pranayama is very beneficial for the treatment of kidney related problems. It keeps the sugar level in control. It also help in regulating the level of urea and creatinine
  • Regular exercise is very important in the treatment of kidney related problems.
  • Diet filled with protein content is very beneficial for treating kidney
  • Fresh fruits and vegetable are very good for kidney.
  • Calcium content in the meal must be lower down.
  • Meal rich with carbohydrates must be lower down.
All these balance diet tips are very beneficial for the treating from chronic kidney disease with the protocol of dialysis and transplant.

What causes Kidney failure In teenagers ?

Nowadays, a teenager is more prone to go to the gym and depends on the artificial protein diet for making muscle swell.  Protein drinks frenzied in the gym are processed with artificial colors and drug content that can also endow with many side effects to the teenagers. These shakes are injurious to kidney and can cause kidney failure also. Excess of the protein content in the meal can be a reason of the kidney damage in most of the cases.  Experts say that protein shake can lead to the kidney stone that is formed due to the crystallization of compounds. It blocks the working of the kidney and causes severe pain. It is always advisable to lower the amount of protein shake in order to evade the kidney related predicament.  Another side effect of the protein shake is that it can cause the strain to the kidney. When teenagers consume more protein content in the form of shakes, it compel kidney to work extra.  This cause the over strain to the working of kidney. High protein consumptions and overstrain on the kidney cause severe kidney damage for long run. When the teenager consumes the overdose of protein than required, it can cause kidney to stop filtering blood incorrect manner.   It result in the Blood in the stool, Bad odor, Body pain, Fatigue, Vomiting, and body swelling that are the early symptom of kidney failure.

What is Best Kidney Failure Preventions ?

Ayurveda has medically certified that Kidney can revitalize with time if they are treated with precise kind of herbs and balance diet. Chronic kidney failure is the state where the kidney is incapable to sieve the squander products/ toxics from the body making it piled up and cause infections, swelling and even the death of the patient. In the allopathic treatment, the doctors prescribe the Dialysis and transplant that are not a surefire elucidation. Karma Ayurveda has successfully treated patients with herbs like Punarnava, Varuna, Tribulus, and Shigru with balance diet that can be seen in the medical reports.

"Kidney failure can be prevented by many ways like:"

  • Keep your body hydrated whole day
  • Diet rich in protein like chicken, turkey, fish, and eggs, must be avoided
  • Milk, cheese, and yogurt must be avoided. It is advisable to consume fat free milk.
  • Content of salt in the diet must be checked regularly
  • Herbal tea is very beneficial for preventing kidney related problems. It has anti-oxidant properties.
  • Potassium-rich fruits must be lower down in the diet.
Coconut water and aloe vera are very good for preventing chronic kidney failu

About Karma Ayurveda

Karma Ayurveda, is the India’s leading Ayurveda pharmaceutical hospital that is exceedingly valued among the patients proffering safe, effective, and most cherished solutions for kidney failure. All the treatments here are carried out by deep research and utilization the preeminent techniques by a team of medical experts.

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