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Chronic Kidney Disease

In these stages, the GFR is 90+. They are the earliest stages of the kidney problems in the patients. It is constantly advisable for patients to consult a doctor at the earliest stage to get better Kidney Failure Ayurvedic Treatment results and improvements. In this stage Rear More...

Nephrotic syndrome

Nephrotic syndrome is the condition in which there is a hammering of 3 grams of protein per day through the urine. This can cause due to many factors like kidney failure, minimal-change nephropathy, and focal glomerulosclerosis.  This syndrome can be seen both adults and children  Rear More...

Acute Kidney Disease

Today people are torment from many kidney tribulations that are resulting in many abnormalities and symptoms that are causing lots of complexity in living. Acute kidney failure is the condition where the kidney is not in the state to purge the excess salt from the fluids from Read more...

Polycystic kidney disease

Polycystic kidney disease is the root cause for the kidney related problems in the human body in most of the cases. This disease gives cysts in the kidney that is crammed with fluids. It is most horrible condition and healing is very imperative in order to keep the working of the kidney  Read More


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Dr. Puneet Dhawan is the well-known name in the Ayurveda pharmaceutical sector healing millions of patients suffering from kidney predicament without any transplant/ kidney dialysis. With safest procedures, and organic dietary advice, he has pompously cured countless patients building a brand name with delighted patients all over the country read more

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Chronic Kidney Disease

About Karma Ayurveda

Karma Ayurveda, is the India’s leading Ayurveda pharmaceutical hospital that is exceedingly valued among the patients proffering safe, effective, and most cherished solutions for kidney failure. All the treatments here are carried out by deep research and utilization the preeminent techniques by a team of medical experts.

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