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Proteinuria treatment in Kerala – A Natural treatment in God’s Own Country!

proteinuria treatment in Kerala
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There are many symptoms which show that there is something wrong with your kidneys. When your body starts showing such symptoms that means you need to undergo proper treatment. By undergoing proper treatment or by getting necessary tests done, a person can stay away from the drastic stages of any disease. Proteinuria is that critical health situation, a large section of society is not aware of. This means a high amount of protein in the urine. If you are diagnosed with this health condition and is looking a proteinuria treatment in Kerala then Karma Ayurveda is here to help you out.

All about proteinuria

Proteinuria is that health condition in which the level of protein found higher in a person’s urine. The high amount of protein in urine depicts that the person is diagnosed with proteinuria and needs proteinuria treatment to avoid further damage. People, who thought that what the need for proteinuria treatment is, need to know that it can be a sign of damaged kidneys. If you are searching for proteinuria treatment in Kerala and are thinking about the reason which brought you at this stage, then you need to know about the major causes of proteinuria, which are as follow:

  • Several medications
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Trauma
  • Toxins
  • Infections
  • Immune system related disorders

All the above-mentioned causes cause damage to the kidneys in a continuous manner and can bring up the stage of kidney failure for any person as well. That is why; people are advised to get proper treatment for all the above mentioned health-related complications or causes of proteinuria.

Does proteinuria is only a symptom of damaged kidneys?

No, the condition of proteinuria can also be linked with many other health disorders, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. There are many cases in which people with diabetes have a high level of protein in the blood. But as it can be a sign of kidney disease, hence it turns important for a person to get right proteinuria treatment in Kerala or at any other place around the world.

Being the filtration factory of our body, kidneys never allow the protein to excrete out from the body with urine. But when the kidney gets damaged, protein starts flowing through the filters into the urine. People who have a high amount of protein in their body can also face the situation of proteinuria. That is why every individual is advised to get a urine test done. Later on, the patients are also advised to get the blood test done which helps to know whether the kidneys are working appropriately or not.

When a person needs a proteinuria treatment?

Slight damage in the kidney doesn’t show any major sign or symptom. This is the reason why kidney disease is also named as a silent killer. By getting the urine test done a person can detect the cause of proteinuria. The amount of protein in the urine will notify you that if you need a proteinuria treatment in Kerala or not. There are two major symptoms of proteinuria which arises when kidneys got damaged badly, which are:

  • Swelling in feet, hand, abdomen or face
  • Bubble and foam while urinating

Who is more likely to face the situation of proteinuria?

These are the many factors which cause damage to the kidney and turn to the increased production of proteins in the body, and hence let the situation if proteinuria to occur. The below-mentioned aspects are those situations which increase the risk of proteinuria for a person. These aspects are:

  • The family history of proteinuria
  • Obesity
  • Preeclampsia (having blood pressure or proteinuria during pregnancy)
  • Age over than 65 years

Race and ethnicity is another major cause of proteinuria. Peeing while standing can let the protein flows out of the body with urine. This reason of proteinuria is also known as orthostatic proteinuria.

What makes Ayurvedic proteinuria treatment highly effective?

Ayurvedic proteinuria treatment is the most effective way to get rid of from this health-related situation. By getting the right check-up of diabetes and high blood pressure, which are the major cause of proteinuria, a person can get rid of this health condition. Ayurvedic treatment works for the removal of every deep down cause of kidney disease and works as a permanent solution for the patients. Karma Ayurveda totally understands the power of Ayurveda and hence treated thousands of patients since 1937 by providing natural treatment for kidney-related disorders. By understanding your lifestyle and eating habit, Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda will provide you the right ayurvedic medicine and advice on diet. Hence choose this natural treatment of kidney disease and stay away from risky artificial procedures of kidney disease.

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