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Ayurvedic Medicine for Kidney Problem, Diet Plan & Treatment

Ayurvedic Medicine for Kidney Problem
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Not all the kidney problems are fatal for the health. As almost all of them are curable till a certain stage. Most patients recognize this problem only in later stages, so it is advisable to go for a regular check up. Allopathic treatment is the common option that people take, but the long course medicines do much harm than good. An alternate option is to go for Ayurvedic Medicine for Kidney Problem.

Usually, kidney problems are found in people that are already suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. Although, there are other reasons too such as hypertension, genetic disorder, kidney stones, and tumor, etc. Ayurvedic medicine for kidney problem can lower down the increased urea and creatinine levels. There are many signs and symptoms that are visible in the later stages of kidney disease such as tiredness, fatigue, nausea, swelling in hands and feet, change in color and texture of the urine, very often urge to urinate, muscle cramps and pain in back and joints. If these signs are present, one must get the problem diagnosed.

There are many solutions to treat such a problem; however, the best one is to opt for Ayurveda. Ayurvedic medicine for kidney problems helps in reviving the damaged cells of the kidneys. There are many herbs that are used in making these medicines and have distinctive healing qualities:-

  • Punarnava and Varun are useful for maintaining the high levels of urea and creatinine.
  • Punarnava helps in reducing kidney stones, edema, swelling, and urinary tract infection.
  • Gokshur helps in controlling urinary disorder, urinary stones, hypertension, and diabetes.
  • Varun helps the patients with the kidney stone, prostate enlargement, and UTI.
  • Chicory roots are diuretic which stimulates kidney functions by eliminating toxic fluids.
  • Corn silk is used to treat bladder problems, renal and cystic inflammations due to its cleansing properties.

Best Diet for Kidney Patient and Ayurvedic medicine for kidney Treatment

Along with using the Ayurvedic herbs, one should follow a planned diet. There are certain “super foods” that helps in improving your kidney condition. One should cut down processed food as they contain high salt content. Also, the high protein food such as meat, beans, butter, cheese, milk should be limited. One should include fresh vegetables and fruits like red bell peppers, cabbage, cauliflower, garlic, onions, apples, cherries, red grapes, fish, olive oil, walnut and strawberries. These are all kidney-friendly food and increase the metabolism of the body. Also, a regular exercise can help in building up the energy in the body to fight the disease.

Karma Ayurveda is one of the best clinics that provide Ayurvedic medicine for kidney problems. It was established in 1937 and is now working under Dr. Puneet Dhawan. He is a well-respected name in the field of Ayurveda practitioners. He treats his patients with completely organic and natural herbs. He doesn’t consider allopathic treatment necessary for the kidneys as its cells can heal on its own with time. The Ayurvedic medicine provided by Karma Ayurveda is unrefined and without any side-effects. They have a vast family of patients that have been cured of their kidney and liver disease.

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