With this vision, Dr. Puneet Dhawan had treated many kidney patients and is aimed to cure more. He gives right guidance to all those who are facing the drastic complications of kidney disease and want to live a disease free life. Karma Ayurveda provides kidney patients with:

  • Ayurvedic medications which are made of natural herbs
  • Drugs and antibiotics free treatment
  • Relieve from dialysis
  • Highly effective and healthy diet plan
  • Guidance about preventions of kidney disease

In the video relatives of the patient, who had come to Karma Ayurveda from Karnataka, in search of Natural Kidney Treatment, tell that the patient is now free from all the complications of kidney disease. Patient’s loved ones describe that how all the complications get subsided by the right ayurvedic medications and effective diet plan. Let’s take a look at the major changes brought by ayurvedic medicines and natural kidney treatment:

  • Relieve from swelling or edema
  • Elimination of hematuria in which blood flow out with urine
  • No more weakness
  • Increased stamina
  • No more pain in lower abdomen

Patient’s creatinine which was around 7 gets reduced 4.3 naturally. A significant reduction in blood urea level is also noticed within some months of Ayurvedic Kidney Disease Treatment provided by Karma Ayurveda.

Relatives of the patient elaborate that they found no benefit of getting allopathic treatment. They told Dr. Puneet Dhawan that how the allopathic medical institution had let the patient roam in pain. By treating the patient, Karma Ayurveda has proven it again that it is possible to cure kidney disease in a natural way.