Our kidneys are one of the major organs of our body, located on either side of the spine just below our ribs at the back, performing vital functions. The major functions of kidneys include:
  • Removing toxins and wastes from the blood
  • Maintaining fluid balance in our body
  • Balancing electrolytes and pH
  • Production of erythropoietin hormone that intimates bone marrow to produce red blood cells
  • Formation of Vitamin D
  • Regulating blood pressure
Due to the unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits, excessive use of body-building supplements and shakes, or in certain cases due to the family history of kidney diseases, kidney functions start degrading, and prolonged carelessness might even lead to kidney failure, which if left untreated might be life-threatening or fatal at times. Kidney failure is a condition portraying the inefficiency of kidneys to function well. It is often referred to as a silent killer due to its inability to show symptoms until the problem advances. As far as the treatment option is concerned, the efficacy of Ayurveda is unbeatable. It is known to be an epitome of healing, which brings about a significant improvement in health, without any side effects. The reason it outstands in providing a permanent solution to various health issues is due to its inclusive and far-reaching approach. Similarly, kidney Treatment in Ayurveda of Karma Ayurveda under the supervision of Dr. Puneet Dhawan has done wonders. A patient named Dharamveer Singh of Ghaziabad had been suffering from severe kidney disease and was on frequent dialysis. Even after undergoing allopathic treatment, medications, and dialysis, his conditions kept on worsening. Patients condition while undergoing allopathic treatment:
  • Creatinine on increasing trend at 7.9
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Increased sugar levels and was on heavy insulin intake
  • Was on dialysis frequency of twice a week
Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment of Karma Ayurveda made Dharamveer Singh experience a significant improvement in his health conditions both on reports and physical levels as well. Changes he noticed after the Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment are:
  • Blood Pressure normalized
  • Sugar levels were controlled
  • No insulin Requirement
  • Creatinine levels reduced to 6.5
  • Dialysis was removed


The Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment of Karma Ayurveda, helped Dharamveer Singh to bring about a significant reduction in his kidney ailment. His Dialysis frequency was completely reduced to zero. Karma Ayurveda is known to be one of the best Kidney Failure Ayurvedic Treatment centers, due to its ultimate Ayurvedic approach by working on the root cause to ward off the disease permanently.

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