Kidneys are the combination of organs that function in excreting waste and toxins out of the body. The disability of the kidneys to carry out its prescribed functions is called kidney disease. There are lists of disease that affect kidneys. These include: chronic kidney disease, acute kidney failure, glomerulonephritis etc. about 17% of the global population is a victim of kidney disease. A wide variety of aids are offered by medical sector that has healed multiple kidney patients. Ayurveda is one best treatment mechanism that heals kidney disease with ayurvedic medicines. The Ayurvedic treatment for kidney diseases is the safest method that consists of zero side effects. “Karma Ayurveda Review Avoid fake fraud and complaints”

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Karma Ayurveda is a renowned name in the Ayurveda sector that offers nature-based treatment for kidney diseases. The Ayurvedic treatment for kidney disease offered by the centre has cured countless kidney patients across the world. A very efficient physician Dr. Puneet Dhawan is the center head of the hospital. Karma Ayurveda family consists of thousands of cured kidney patients. “Karma Ayurveda Review Avoid fake fraud and complaints” One of the names added to the list is of Mrs. Fency Kalim from Kashmir. She suffered from chronic kidney disease and was conducting dialysis twice a week.

Due to this, she witnessed innumerable symptoms such as

  • Increased urination
  • High creatinine
  • Swelling in the body organs
  • Feeling full all the time
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Nausea
  • High urea levels
Even her creatinine was touching 12.33 mg/dl. After taking up ayurvedic medicine course her creatinine reduced to 8.25 mg/dl. Also, her condition improved. She experienced improvement in her digestion, increased energy levels, low blood urea levels, and adequate urination. These struggling storied of the patients have made Karma Ayurveda a brand name. The dedicated efforts of Dr. Puneet Dhawan have made a simple solution for long-lasting kidney diseases. “Karma Ayurveda Review Avoid fake fraud and complaints”

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