Creatinine reduced from 12 to 6.2 mg/dL

Kidney failure is an instance of deteriorating kidney function over an extended time period.  In this condition, a kidney suddenly stops working that may cause us many problems. For instance, weakness, protein loss, skin issues (dry or itchy skin), high creatinine level, high uric acid, swelling in the kidney, stomach, feet, hands, and puffiness around the eyes and much more. The daily work of the kidneys is to filter waste materials, toxic elements, and extra fluids from the blood to excrete them through the urine. Along with that, kidneys also work to produce hormones and assist other vital organs in their work. There are two ways through which a kidney patient can get rid of their kidney problem. The first is Allopathic treatment like dialysis or kidney transplant, and the second is Ayurvedic treatment combine with a kidney-friendly diet plan. Most of the kidney patients prefer to take Allopathic treatment as they find it fast and much better than Ayurveda. Only after not getting the desired results they switch to Ayurvedic ways. Here is an example of the patient recovery that will let you understand how Ayurvedic treatment is far more preferable as compared to Allopathy. The patient, Mrs. Pooja Yadav from Lucknow, was at the stage of kidney failure or end-stage renal disease. She was suffering from the complications related to the problem, for instance, weakness, protein loss, poor appetite, and vomiting. At the time she came to Karma Ayurveda, she was onto dialysis two times per week, but her creatinine was persistently increasing. Her husband got to know about Karma Ayurveda, through the YouTube Channel Karma Ayurveda and decided to contact Dr. Puneet Dhawan. After taking Ayurvedic medications and a kidney-friendly diet plan, the patient got the following results.
  1. Creatinine decreased from 12 to 6.2mg/dL.
  2. Hemoglobin reduced from 8 to 12.1
  3. Prevented the problem of protein loss
  4. Increased the desire to eat food
Once again, Karma Ayurveda has restricted the scope and extent of dialysis or kidney transplant by Ayurvedic medications, healthy diet, and yoga. On the off chance, you are facing kidney related problem, then contact Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda for kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda and live a complication-free healthy life.

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