Dr. Puneet, Ayurvedic Nephrologist

Possessing expertise in the treatment of kidney diseases, Dr. Puneet's ideology prescribes a bar for anyone treating kidney-related disorders through experience in modern Ayurveda. His therapies include individualized treatment varying from patient to another.

Meet the Experts

Why Consider Herbal Or Ayurveda Treatment For Kidney Failure?

When it comes to kidney failure, Ayurveda considers the pathological condition of the patient before curating the treatment approach. Any kind of disease is triggered in the body by the blockage of certain specific channels called srotas and life energies or Doshas. Kidneys are the roots of Madovaha srotas, which are channels of fat tissue and consist of Rakta and Medadhatus. So, when there is any impairment in the functioning of these channels, the trigger could be on the functioning of the kidneys. Madhumeha or diabetes is a well known condition that prompts kidney disease.

Any blockage in the minute body channels is also the reason for kidney failure. The kidneys are associated with Mutravaha srotas that carry urine to and fro from the kidneys. If the incoming channels of the kidneys are not functionally well, it may not accept fluid and so shrinkage occurs while blockage in the outgoing channel may manifest as swelling of the kidneys.

Ayurveda has many potent herbs like Kaasni, Punarnava, Gokshuradi that tend to clean those blockages and reduce swelling while strengthening the kidney function at the same time. Ayurvedic procedures including herbal concoctions and therapies like Panchakarma aim to restore the filtering capacity of the kidneys and allow wastes like creatinine to be eliminated naturally.

Here is why Ayurveda works best when coherently used:

  • The herbs that are used in the treatment are unrefined and highly effective in treating kidney disease.
  • Ayurveda works positively in treating the underlying cause as well as the pathogenic signs of kidney damage.
  • You can expect little or no side effects of ayurvedic treatment on your body.
  • The effect of Ayurvedic herbs on the kidneys is long-lasting and permanent.
  • Natural Ayurveda is the best safe and secure treatment method.
  • Promising improvement in health.
  • Gradually eliminates the need of dialysis.

Get to Know our Team of Experts

Dr. Puneet (B.A.M.S)

Dr. Puneet is a well experienced Ayurveda practitioner of Asia. He is a certified B.A.M.S. physician and has gained years of experience in treating kidney patients with purely Ayurveda. He doesn't believe in any kind of allopathic treatment methods and provides his patients with herbal and natural technique only. He is heading one of the authentic wholesome wellness clinics namely Karma Ayurveda in India. The Kidney Failure Treatment and herbal medicines provided by them have successfully treated thousands of kidney patients in India and around the world.

Dr. Akshay

Dr. Akshay


Dr. Rakesh Kumar

Dr. Rakesh Kumar


Dr. Jyoti

Dr. Jyoti


Dr. Krutika

Dr. Krutika


Dr. Nikhil Diwakar Sharma

Dr. Nikhil Diwakar Sharma


Watch The Story Behind Their Health and Healing

Let's hear our patients speaking out their experiences and miraculous results they saw in their health at KARMA AYURVEDA. No kidney disease has remained uncured by Dr. Puneet. His Ayurvedic knowledge and authentic treatment of kidneys have benefited more than 1,50,000+ kidney patients. Here's a glimpse of a few of our patients where they are sharing their stories of rising and recovering from the times when they are almost about to lose their kidneys.

Our Treatment

Acute Kidney Disease

Acute kidney disease is an abrupt loss of kidney function or in laymen language; we can say when your kidneys suddenly become unable to filter waste and toxins, the condition is called acute renal failure. AKD is usual in individuals who are already under medical scrutiny and need intensive care.

Chronic Kidney Disease

Unlike AKD, chronic kidney disease is a reduced kidney function over a span of time. Many people failed to get an idea that they are suffering from CKD because the symptoms are not apparent at that time. And off chance, they are able to get it detected, almost half of them get the viable treatment.

Polycystic Kidney Disease

It is another type of kidney disorder but sort of genetic. Learn that, almost 2% of kidney failure accounts to PKD. It is a common myth that PKD is completely genetic, however, truth is not the case as in some cases the condition can be non-hereditary as well.

Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome is more usual in men than in women and is characterized by the malfunctioning of the kidney. Just like proteinuria, nephrotic also put up protein slip from the blood.

High Creatinine

Our kidneys are bound to eliminate waste from the body and if your doctor has confirmed elevated creatinine levels in your body, it is a telltale sign that your kidneys are unhealthy.


Healthy kidneys remove extra fluid and leftovers (after digestion) from your blood, but if they become impaired, they allow some proteins to skip through their filters. Having protein in your urine makes your urine frothy or sparkling, and in medical terms referred to as proteinuria.

Why Karma Ayurveda is the BEST?

100% safe & herbal treatment

No Side Effects

Visible results within a month

Curated therapy for renal diseases

Personalized diet plans

Weekly follow-up by the experts

What our patients have to say...

  • I am Mohammad Asgar from Hyderabad and I am living proof of Dr. Puneet's magical powers in treating kidney disease. I lost all hopes when no treatment could improve my health, my creatinine was 17.83mg/dl even after meeting multiple doctors but now it is 1.2 mg/dl. Karma Ayurveda is a boon for me and my family.

    Mohammad Asgar
  • I am Sushma from Panipat. I am unable to believe that a few days back I was hardly able to walk and even talk properly. I was on dialysis for one and a half years; my creatinine was constantly between 7 and 8 mg/dl. Today I am out of dialysis protocol and have all credentials in the normal range. I suggest Karma Ayurveda to all kidney patients.

    Sushma Sodi
  • I, Sohail from Firozabad, was in a tragic condition before I was introduced to KARMA AYURVEDA. Just a few weeks before, my creatinine level was 14.79 mg/dl and today my creatinine is 2.9 mg/dl. I am grateful to Dr.Puneet for giving this new life.

    Mr. Sohail
  • My name is Bishnu Prasad and I am from Nepal. I was suffering from polycystic kidney disease for a long time and was on dialysis only a couple of months ago. When I reached Karma Ayurveda, my creatinine was 4.7 and my health was deteriorating with each passing day. Today my creatinine is 3.8 and I have witnessed spectacular results in my health.

    Mr. Bishnu Prasad


Karma Ayurveda Hospital makes sure that the treatment you get is entirely natural and all-inclusive. To give an unparalleled kidney cure, we at Karma Ayurveda understand the differences every human posse. We are continuously exploring nature to maximize treatment possibilities. We strive to make a change by maintaining the authenticity of the medicines.

Without any hassle, patients receive the best natural treatment from this place with less investment for Kidney Failure, Kidney Cancer, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Kidney Stone, and Kidney Infection. So, when you need dependable Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment, Karma Ayurveda is your friend indeed.

Our vision is to be the best Ayurvedic hospital for kidney treatment in India and globally. As an undivided wing of nature, we aspire to achieve great heights in the world of Ayurvedic treatment.

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