Our kidneys eliminate the waste out from the body and work for the right maintenance of our health. The two kidneys work as the filtration section in our body and work to remove unnecessary compounds such as creatinine. Creatinine is a waste which is produced by muscle metabolism. Being a waste compound, it gets excreted by the kidneys. The level of creatinine rises in blood with the existence of kidney damage or disease. There are many people who are undergoing dialysis for the overall management of blood creatinine. Ayurvedic kidney treatment guides such patients about how to reduce creatinine naturally

Ayurvedic Treatment For Proteinuria

Proteinuria is associated with kidney impairment; it is characterized by an abnormal spill of protein in the urine. Proteinuria often affects people with chronic kidney disease. The kidneys in the day to day lives do not expel protein from the body but as the kidneys lose their efficiency, protein is thrown out in the form of urine. Ayurvedic Treatment for Proteinuria

How To Reduce Serum Creatinine Level

Kidneys perform the function of waste elimination in the body. The waste here includes infections, drugs, foreign attacker like bacteria, virus, metabolic waste etc. talking about metabolic waste, creatinine is one such instance. Creatine a chemical compound is present in the human muscles. The muscles when breakdown to release the energy they release creatinine as their metabolic waste. How to Reduce Serum Creatinine Level?

Ayurvedic Medicine for Kidney Creatinine

The waste product of muscle metabolism creatinine is a chemical compound formed by creatine phosphate. Creatinine waste is ought to be discarded by the kidneys with urine every day. The impairment of kidneys directly increases the creatinine levels in the body. A wide range of ayurvedic medicines to decrease kidney creatinine levels are offered by Ayurveda. Such medicines are herbal in nature and keep the waste levels under control. The normal creatinine levels in individuals largely vary. The adult males have 0.6 to 1.2mg per dL of creatinine deposition and adult females have 0.5 to 1.1 mg per dl of creatinine. Ayurvedic Medicine for Kidney Creatinine

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Kidney failure is often connected in terms of bladder and kidney symptoms. By consuming enough water and avoiding foods that can aggravate the kidney disease, many people think they will be able to avoid these without any proper treatment. However, often this is not always possible as kidneys have many functions which get hampered due to their dysfunction. However, kidney failure signs are widespread and harder to detect. If the proper treatment is not taken on time, the kidney damage can lead to kidney failure.

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