Signs and symptoms

  • Edema: It is a situation wherein fluid gets gathered in the feet, wrist, ankles, and face that can lead in swelling.
  • Discomfort: The patient can face a headache, abdominal bloating and cramping too.
  • High blood pressure: The body is not able to keep up a healthy blood pressure due to the accumulation of excessive fluid in the bloodstream.
  • Shortness of breath: The patient can also find difficulties in breathing due to accumulated fluid in the lungs.
  • Heart problems: The patient can also face affected heart rate as extra fluid can hamper the muscles as well as increase the size of the heart.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Kidney

The Ayurvedic medicine for the kidney is a trusted and fruitful medication that utilization natural herbs to fix any kidney disorder. The herbs that are utilized in Ayurvedic treatment are:

  • Punarnava is a herb that keeps the patients away from dialysis. It is a diuretic herb that wipes out accumulated and excessive water from the body. Punarnava helps in reviving the kidneys.
  • Another herb that is utilized in Ayurvedic treatment is Varun. It is a helpful herbal plant with a capacity to enhance kidney abilities.
  • To permit a smooth passage of urine and recovery of kidney cells, Gokshur is a herb that is utilized in Ayurveda medicine.
  • To oversee issues like a nephrotic disorder that can prompt kidney failure, Ayurveda utilizes Kaasni, a characteristic herb that is raw and helps in reviving the kidney.

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