At Karma Ayurveda, Dr. Puneet Dhawan understands this situation of kidney patients and is aimed to serve them with a treatment which will not let them face the condition of dialysis or kidney transplant. Before knowing more about the ayurvedic treatment for kidney disease provided by Karma it is important to know that what makes kidney disease such an impactful health disorder and what are the various phase of it.

What is kidney disease and what is its impact on a person’s health?

Kidney disease or renal disease is that health condition which causes continuous damage to the kidneys and affects its overall working. This causes the excess fluid, waste, and toxins to build up inside a person’s body which causes further deteriorate of other organs. This rear and tear of organs and continuous build-up of waste give way to many symptoms such as high blood pressure, anemia, weakness of bones etc. Natural medicine for kidney disease provided by Karma Ayurveda relieves all the symptoms by curing the occurred damage inside the kidneys.

This is that health stage at which the people think to move towards artificial procedures. That way of treatment takes such patients to a stage where they face drastic complications and found the symptoms to be stronger than before. By providing natural medicine for kidney disease, Karma Ayurveda brought the kidney patients away from such drastic stage of health. It is that ayurvedic kidney care institution which is putting all his efforts to achieve its goal of stop kidney dialysis since 1937 and had provided risk-free treatment to more than 35000 kidney patients so far.