ICD 10 Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 2, Karma Ayurveda - Dr. Puneet Dhawan

The human body is made up of two filtering agents called kidneys. These fist sized organs are located under the ribcage on either side of the back bone. These kidneys are accustomed to carry out the regular filtration of blood through which the impure substances are thrown out in the form of urine. The reduced function of these organs leads to the buildup of toxins. “ICD 10 chronic kidney disease stage 2”

Chronic kidney disease is a kidney disorder in which the damage in the kidney continues over several years and reaches to the condition of complete loss known as kidney failure. This kidney impairment is divided into five stages that depend on the real functioning of the kidneys. The test to measure how well kidneys are working is called the glomerular filtration rate.

The second stage of CKD is characterized as a mild damage to kidneys leading to decreased kidney function. It is one of the initial stages of the of chronic kidney disease with glomerular filtration rate (GFR) of 60-89 ml/min. In this very stage, no such symptoms are noticed that indicate kidney damage, but it is detectable in the lab tests. It usually occurs in people with the chronic problem of diabetes and hypertension. “ICD 10 chronic kidney disease stage 2”


A person having CKD might not discover any major symptoms in the body but when diagnosed can be witnessed through following results:

  • Increased levels of creatinine and urea in the blood
  • Blood in the urine/ hematuria “Karma Ayurveda Patient Reviews and Feedback”
  • Protein spill in the urine/proteinuria
  • A damaged kidney is seen in MRI, CT scan, ultrasound, or X-ray “ICD 10 chronic kidney disease stage 2”


There are various factors that may increase the risk of stage 2 chronic kidney disease. These include:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart and blood vessel (cardiovascular) disease
  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Being African-American, Native American or Asian-American
  • A family history of kidney disease
  • Abnormal kidney structure
  • Older age


Icd 10 stage 2 CKD is the initial stage of kidney damage that can be reversed with the correct treatment therapies. The progression of kidney damage can be slowed down by adopting a healthy lifestyle and ayurvedic medicines. “ICD 10 chronic kidney disease stage 2”

Ayurveda is an ancient treatment mechanism that uses natural ingredients in its ayurvedic medicines to reduce the effects of kidney damage. The Ayurveda experts recommend certain dietary tips to slow down the damage to kidney function. These include:

  • Consumption of a variety of grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables
  • Avoiding saturated fats in the diet
  • Limited consumption of refined and processed food to avoid sodium intake
  • Maintain a healthy weight with accurate calorie consumption
  • Moderate intake of protein-rich foods
  • Consume ample vitamins and minerals
  • Restrict the consumption of potassium and phosphorus
  • Keep a controlled blood pressure “ICD 10 chronic kidney disease stage 2”
  • Keep a track on blood sugar levels
  • Avoid smoking and alcoholism

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