Our modern and continuously changing lifestyle and eating habits are making us more likely to a number of kidney-related disorders. There are many reports which depict that today people get more dependent on packed and fast foods. There are many who don’t even know how these eatables can cause damage to their kidneys and can invite many health-related disorders for them. In this blog, we are going to discuss other major causes of kidney disease and about a kidney care center which is providing the best ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure in India since 1937.

Major causes kidney failure

Besides inadequate eating and lifestyle habits, there are two health conditions with which millions of people are diagnosed today. These health conditions are diabetes and high blood pressure. Both these health disorders damage the tissues of the kidneys slowly but steadily. People who are diagnosed with this health disorder and take them as common are advised to get proper medication for it. People who are tackling the pain of dialysis being at the stage of kidney failure are advised to get natural treatment. Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure in India is one such treatment that cures kidney disease naturally. But before discussing more this Best Kidney Failure Treatment in India let’s have a look at the major causes of kidney disease which are as follow:
  • Low or inadequate blood flow to the kidneys
  • Problem while urinating
  • Inflammation in blood vessels inside the kidneys
  • Inflammation in different body organs
  • Drugs and intake of alcohol
  • Infections which damages kidneys
  • A blood clot in kidneys
  • Inflammation of blood vessels
Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure in India, provided by Karma Ayurveda is found to be the most adequate for the overall elimination of all causes which let the stage of kidney failure to arise.

Two types of kidney failure

  • Acute kidney failure- At this stage of health, a person’s kidneys stop performing all its functions suddenly. This stage is linked with many sudden causes such as less blood flow to the kidneys. This shortage of blood flow to the kidneys let the level of toxin in the body to rise.
  • Chronic kidney failure- There are a number of persisting health conditions that cause continuous damage to the kidneys and let the stage of chronic kidney failure.
Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure in India provided by Karma Ayurveda capably cures both the types of kidney failure without suggesting painful procedures like dialysis and kidney transplant. This treatment is saving kidney patients from the pain of dialysis and kidney transplant.

Role of ayurvedic treatment 

Ayurvedic treatment for Kidney Failure is found to be the most ideal solution for kidney-related disorders. This is the only treatment that has the power to remove out every deep-down cause of kidney disease. Ayurveda is the traditional way of Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure which describes the healing power of natural herbs to all kidney patients. Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure provided by Karma Ayurveda includes natural herbs such as Varun, Kaasni, and Punarnava. Working since 1937, Karma Ayurveda made more than 35000 kidney patients about the effectiveness of natural herbs. This kidney care center is saving kidney patients from painful procedures such as kidney dialysis and transplant. Kidney patients who want to live a healthy life without undergoing any artificial procedures are advised to meet Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda, who guides the patients about the risk associated with allopathic and artificial treatment.

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