Comparison in Ayurvedic and Allopathic Treatment of Kidney Failure

MeaningAllos + pathos=  Drug therapyAyur+ Veda= Medical science of Ancient India.
MedicationThe medication in Allopathic treatment is used with drugs.The medication prescribed in ayurveda is filled with 100% natural herbs, aoshidis, and balance diet.
Side EffectsIn few Cases, the side effects are likely to witness if the patients are allergic to the drugs.The medication is 100% organic and natural. They have NO side effects involved in the treatment.
ApproachIt never focuses on the root cause of the disease.  It never brings long lasting treatment to the patient.Ayurveda works on the root cause and hence the treatment is permanent.
TreatmentThe treatment is temporary.The treatment is permanent.
Treatment timeThe treatment is temporary and therefore the time taken in the medication is very less.The treatment works on the root cause and hence gives permanent recovery in the patient, therefore the treatment taken a little time to show the result.
MethodsThe allopathic treatment focus on the replacement of organ or dialysis that are expensive and very time-consuming.The ayurvedic treatment works on the repair of the cell. The treatment avoids dialysis, surgery or transplant.
CostThe allopathic treatment is expensive.The ayurvedic treatment is very affordable.
Root causeThe allopathic medication only works on suppressing symptoms of the disease.The ayurvedic medication works on the root cause and hence the treatment is permanent.
DietAllopathic doctors only prescribe the drugs/ medications. They never focus on the lifestyle and diet the patient must consume.  It never helps a patient to recover. It only reduces the symptom of the disease and gives the temporary solution to the patients.Ayurveda works on the herbal medications with properly customized diet plans that are checked with the health counselors daily. It helps the patient to recover the damage cells of the body and heal in the permanent manner.
TreatmentAllopathic treatment believes in hiding the sign of the disease.  They never give a permanent solution to the root cause.Ayurvedic treatment works on the root cause and hence the patient can be treated permanently.

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