Chronic Kidney stage 1 and 2

In these stages, the GFR is 90+. They are the earliest stages of the kidney problems in the patients. It is constantly advisable for patients to consult a doctor at the earliest stage to get better results and improvements. In this stage, the kidney function is normal manner with urine abnormality and generic traits. Doctors constantly ask for the blood pressure reports here in this stage. In this stage, the kidney condition is medley reduced and observed little risk factors in the blood pressure rate.

When we look for the symptoms for this stage, we hardly get any. It is very difficult to notice the symptoms. But if you drill on the factors and symptoms, then the main symptoms includes:

“ The main symptoms includes:”
  • High level of creatinine level in the urine
  •   Protein in the urine
  •  CT scan and MRI reports also show the symptoms of kidney damage easily at stage  1. There are many ways that people can avoid the stage 1 kidney problems. These ways are very simple and includes:
  •   Eat healthy food
  •   Fresh fruits and vegetables must be added in your diet
  •  Eat less oil and cholesterol in the food
  •  Regularly check the blood pressure and make sure it is normal all the time.
  •  Keep the sugar level and diabetes under control.
  •  Have regular doctor checkups
  •  Exercise daily
  •  Don’t smoke Let us comprehend the comprehensive symptoms of stage 1 and 2 Kidney disorder.

Physical : The physical symptoms of stage 1 and 2 kidney disorder are that the patient will feel dizzy and less active all the time. There are no as such physical symptoms associated with this stage. We can only understand this problem through MR or CT scan.

Blood: When we look at the blood texture to check the kidney working then we hardly see any changes. The level of creatinine is found to be increased in most of the cases. There are chances that when the patience get to know the level of creatinine in the blood when the kidney lots almost 50% of working.

Urine level : Urine reports will surely show abnormalities here in this stage. When the level of protein increased in the urine test, then it can be diagnosed that patient is suffering from the kidney disorder. In this case, the doctor will prescribe the further test or advice certain change in the diet.

Diet : It is often noticed the changes in the diet may cause betterment in the condition of the patients. Doctor will reduce the level of protein intake in the diet. Blood pressure medication is also prescribed in most of the cases.

Blood pressure: In the stage 1 of the kidney disorder, it is often seen that the blood pressure level increase at very early stage of renal failure.

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