Can Kidney Function Restored After Dialysis? Ayurvedic Kidney Disease Treatment & Medicine – Dr. Puneet Dhawan.

Kidney failure is the condition of the kidneys which gradually results in the loss of kidney functions. The vital role of kidneys is to filter waste and fluids that build up in the body of a normal course. Kidneys help in excreting an excess of fluid and recycling the elements. If the disease reaches an advanced stage, fluids and toxic waste can reach dangerous levels, harming other organs of the body.

It can become difficult for the chronic kidney disease to be detected in the initial stage. There are very few signs and symptoms that can indicate the disease, likewise:

  • Decrease in the output of urine
  • Swollen hands and feet due to accumulation of fluid
  • Sleepiness and tiredness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Unusual weight loss or weight gain
  • Poor immunity towards infection
  • Change in color and pattern of urine
  • Itchy and dry skin

If the above symptoms prevail for long, one should get an immediate diagnosis to confirm the disease. Mostly, a patient must go for blood and urine test for confirming the situation.

Causes of Kidney Problems

There are many reasons that can cause kidney problems in a person. Few of them are diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, tumor or cancer, kidney stones, urinary tract infection, birth disorder, family history of kidney disease and physical injury to kidneys. As per National Kidney Foundation, there is an increase in the number of old and middle age people suffering from one or the other type of kidney problems. Many patients opt for allopathic treatment like kidney transplant and dialysis. Both of these treatments are not a permanent cure but are only used as an alternate to damaged kidneys. Dialysis doesn’t correct the endorphin level in your body and even after transplant you can face chronic kidney disease.

Ayurvedic Kidney Disease Treatment & Medicine

Ayurvedic treatment and medicines are the most authentic option in modern days. In Ayurvedic treatment, perfectly natural herbs are used, that have the quality to decrease the symptoms and reverse kidney damage. Some of the common herbs that are used in the formation of medicines are Punarnava, Gokshur, Shigeru, Varun, Kaasni and Shirish. These herbs are unrefined, have healing properties, revive the cells and stop any further damage to the kidneys. Ayurvedic medicines have completely no side-effects unlike allopathic medicines or over the counter drugs.

Karma Ayurveda Clinic In India – Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment

Ayurveda was found in Asia and have been curing all kinds of physical ailments. There are many centers that are using the knowledge of Ayurveda with the modern techniques to cure kidney and liver problems. One of the well-known names in such sector is Karma Ayurveda. It was established in 1937 at Delhi, India and has successfully treated thousands of patients. It is headed by Dr. Puneet Dhawan who is a pioneer of Ayurveda. He has been practicing Ayurveda for many years and has cured worst cases of kidney disease. He only uses organic supplements and natural technique to treat his patients. Ayurveda, when blended with the right kidney diet, can work wonders on your damaged kidneys.